FAQ’s ( Frequently Asked Questions )

1.- Why Quasar Detectable Products?

Quasars are the nuclei of galaxies located billions of light years from Earth that can be detected through the large amount of electromagnetic energy they generate. We chose the word Quasar as representing the great ability of our products to be detected (even in small particles) by metal detectors and X-ray equipment.

2.- Where I can find these products?

Find a distributor in your country here.

Or contact our headquarters at:

Quasar DP – Headquarters
Pol. Ind. Santa Magdalena,
Rda Europa 74,  Nave 5
Vilanova i la Geltrú
Barcelona, Spain

Tel. +34 938 100 342

3.- What is the return policy for items purchased?

Visit this link.

4.- Are your products ecological and recyclable?

Of course! Quasar Detectable Products prides itself on producing a full line of writing instruments environmental friendly, 100% recyclable. Its components (housings and mines) comply with all environmental regulations www (standard plastic). Plastic components (frames, and accessories) due to their properties, should be sent to Quasar Detectable Products for proper recycling. Metal components and ink refills must be separated before recycling and can be thrown directly into the regular waste containers. In addition, various models of Quasar Detectable Products Rechargeable mine are prolonging life and reducing material waste, while providing added value is considerably cheaper to change mine to buy a new writing instrument.

5.- How I can order?

Send your inquiry via email at info@quasardp.com or contact us by telephone at (+34) 938 100 342.

6.- What Quasar pens are water resistant or water proof?

The Gel ink mines and pressurized mines offer better writing skills in high humidity environments and even under water!

7.- What is the Customer Service shedule of Quasar DP?

From Monday to Friday from 8:00h to 18:00 h.

8.- Privacy policy

Quasar DP does not use cookies or other tracking files or user behavior. We do not record your IP address neither we track your online behavior. Quasar saves data only volunteered offered in the contact form submissions. Quasar DP meets all requirements established by law in Spain Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13. Detectable Products Quasar agrees not to sell or make public your data without your permission. We understand the importance of privacy of these data.

9.- What should I do if I have a suggestion of design or model?

If you have a design suggestion or think you could or should improve on something our products, please fill our feedback form.

11.- How should I clean the pens and how often should it be done?

To clean the pens, use only warm water, mild soap and non-abrasive cloth or sponge. Chemicals and solvents can damage the casing. The frequency to be cleaned will depend on the nature of the environment and frequency of use. We recommend a cleaning at least once a month.

12.- Can I exchange an item after purchase?

This depends on where you purchase it. If you has make your purchase to Quasar Detectable Products, you can make the change no later than 7 days of receipt. The products must be unused, in perfect condition and the customer will be charged for transportation costs (and return shipping). The new amount of the changes made may not be less than the amount realized on the first purchase.

14.- What shouId do with the defective products?

Consult our Return Policy.