The Quasar detectable pens are mainly thought for its use in food industry. They consist of a special plastic housing, detectable by Metal Detectors and X-Ray Systems, and a metallic mine. Quasar pen is the new generation oh highly detectable pens, ergonomic and high quality writing.



  • Pushbutton: opening mechanism (retractable).
  • Clip: clamping mechanism in the pocket with hole for inserting ring for chain.
  • Subject Area (Slip texture).
  • Toe: lower end of the rod.


  • Load: metallic ink container (Replaceable, disposable or pressurized).
  • Ballpoint: load with ink and provides a fluid stroke on the paper.
  • Ink: not soluble in water. Long time resistant inside the container. Instant writing dry through contact with air. Available in different colors and composition.
  • The mines used in the Quasar pens have been selected among the best manufacturers in the market to provide the user high quality level.
  • The Quasar detectable pen ink complies with FDA.
  • The tungsten carbide ball regulates the ink flow for a fluid and homogeneous result.



In Quasar Products, we are commited to the enviorement. So our detectable pens are recyclable.


Quasar detectable pens have been manufactured to consist into minimum parts possible and every component is designed to be detectable whether it’s a complete component or a broken piece.



Highly metal-detectable

The housing is made of special polymer mixed with highly metal-detectable special additives. This compound is blue for easy visibility in foodstuffs. These additives are evenly distributed in the mixture to ensure optimum detection.

X-Ray Detectable

All our pens are detected by the X-Ray Equipment. But for those who need maximum security control in their quality control processes, we manufacture special high-visible versions for X-Ray Equipment.

normativaIn Quasar Detectable Products are aware of the health and quality controls to which food companies are subjected.

That’s why our products meet the most strict regulations and standards.


Regulatory compliance

Plastic according to the liable regulations for food contact in the European Community regulated by EC Regulation n.1935/2004, which repeals Directive 89/109/EEC and lays down general principles for materials intended to come into contact with foodstuffs. In particular, in regard to the liable plastic materials, the reference is Reg Regulation (EU) No 10/2011, modified and amended porReg. (EU) No 321/2011 and Reg (EC) N. º 1282/2011, which repealed Dir 2002/72/EC and with regulations FDA (Food and Drug Administration of USA) for food contact in USA It also has quality seals NSF / ANSI Std 51 and NSF / ANSI Standard. 61 (National Sanitation Foundation – Food Equipment Materials) standard is particularly applicable to the materials and coatings used in the manufacture of articles intended for contact with food, whether solid or liquid. Our products enable the methodology to apply HACCP (HACCP in English), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points that the food industry used as preventive system to ensure product safety.