Why ussing an ergonomic pen?

Writing may not seem like a strenuous activity, but it can hurt! When holding a small diameter writing tool, we make pressure that can potentially cause pain in the muscles of the hands and fingers.
Repeatedly writing or doing it for long periods of time, increases the risk of injury and can cause pain, cramps or calluses. A pen is ergonomically designed to reduce the forces that make the writing.

Compared with a normal pen, the part where we subject it is larger in diameter, it provides greater contact surface providing more comfortable hand posture for medium sized adult hands. Placing your fingers properly, minimize stress and strain on their bones, muscles, nerves and reducing or eliminating soft tissue largely pain and the occurrence of injury.

Longer length, weight balance and ink fluidity

There are other factors to consider in the design and manufacturing of ergonomic typing tool:

  • A longer housing let you positioning your hand in a comfortable position.
  • Her weight has been studied to have its gravity center slightly shifted to the contact area for which required force for writing is less.


Our pens, compared with a normal pen, offer greater capacity anti- slip, because:

  • The part where we subject it is larger in diameter.
  • It provides greater contact surface providing a more comfortable position.