Quasar detectable pens , the most detectable

The Quasar detectable pens are mainly thought for its use in food industry. They consist of a special plastic housing, detectable by Metal Detectors and X-Ray Systems, and a metallic mine.

Quasar pen is the new generation oh highly detectable pens, ergonomic and high quality writing.

The plastic casing is composed of a polymer with special additives , highly metal – detectable. This compound is blue for easy visibility in food products. The mixture of compounds is distributed homogeneously ensuring optimal detection .

Divisible into minimum parts

Quasar detectable pens have been manufactured to consist into minimum parts possible and every component is designed to be detectable whether it’s a complete component or a broken piece.


In Quasar Products, we are commited to the enviorement. So our detectable pens are recyclable.

Regulatory compliance

In Quasar Detectable Products are aware of the health and quality controls to which food companies are subjected. That’s why our products meet the most strict regulations and standards.

X-Ray Detectable

All our pens are detected by the X-Ray Equipment. But for those who need maximum security control in their quality control processes, we manufacture special high-visible versions for X-Ray Equipment

Our products meet the most stringent regulations and standards