Made in Barcelona

Quality – Safety – Savings

We know that the proper functioning of any production process of your company is vital for you, it’s not just an economic issue, it’s because a failure can lead to a deterioration of your brand image. Quasar offers:

Quality: Quasar pen is manufactured the highest quality materials, attention to detail of its design for strength against breakage, high usability and ergonomics and functionality in the harshest environments.

Safety: detecting the unexpected presence of contaminating objects is a factor to consider as part of the quality control process in the industry. So we focused the design of the Quasar pen on getting best detectability.

Save: using high quality detectable products, made with the best raw materials and with a good-thinked design. We are sure that using our detectable products will improve the image of your company and will avoid the arising costs from potential lawsuits. We believe that the use of our products improves the efficiency and effectiveness of production processes in enhancing their competitiveness.



The most detectable ones

Excellent detectability (metal detector or RX)

Minimum parts


Minimum possible detachable pieces

Best quality ink


Comfortable and pleasant to touch


Impact and wear resistant

Ease of use

Easy to clean and use


Recyclable plastic


Replaceable mines


Usable as part of HACCP


Traceability (numbered batches)


Raw materials FDA and EU compliant

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