Detectable whiteboard marker


Our detectable whiteboard marker is made of high impact resistant detectable plastic (cap and body). It is suitable for use in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry due to its minimal composition parts.
It have an anti-dry-out technology “Cap Off 72h” and higher load capacity.

Available colours:
– Blue
– Black
– Red
– Green

The detectable whiteboard marker is robust and non-toxic, especially for industrial environments. The permanent marker pen is suitable for writing on all types of surfaces and adverse conditions.
One of its main advantages is the “Cap Off 72h” function, an anti-drying system that allows the permanent marker pen to remain uncapped for 72 hours without drying out. In addition, it has a higher load capacity, a 30% longer writing durability.

– Available in different ink colours: black, blue, red and green.
– Bullet tip.
– Anti-drying system “Cap Off 72h”.
– Double click safety cap.
– More refill capacity.
– Writes different surfaces: whiteboard, crystal and glass.

Technical specifications:
Polypropylene complies with standards:
– EU 1935/2004, 2023/2006, 10/2011
– FDA 21

– Food
– Pharmaceutical
– Chemical

*Sold in packs of 5 units (of the same colour).

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