Quasar specialized in metal-detectable and X-ray visible products for food industries, is opening a new line of products specially designed to fight against Covid-19.

The exceptional nature of the situation we are experiencing caused by the coronavirus has changed many habits and customs for everyone. To avoid infections and the spread of Covid19, health authorities recommend using facemasks for all people who must go working or leave the house to attend basic needs. 

But we all know the discomfort of wearing facemasks for long periods. To avoid it,  Quasar has designed a product that makes the difference for people who must wear masks for a continuous period of time.

The Detectable ear saver is an in-house product that aims relieving chafing and swelling in the ears caused by the prolonged use of facemasks, providing comfort to the user.

The new accessory is made of durable detectable plastic, it’s totally suitable for food industry and packaging or assembly processes. 

It’s metal detectable and X-Ray visible. 

It is designed with 4 fitting positions to adapt to all types of facemasks, and also prevents it from falling or doing unpleasant movements.

It is compatible with most face masks, whether surgical or hygienic, disposable and reusable.

It is small but practical and efficient.

Also available in no detectable plastic.

Main features

  • Color blue
  • Raw material approved in accordance with regulation ((EU) no.10 / 2011) (Federal Regulations Title 21 chapter I (FDA))
  • Unlimited reuse
  • Resistant to alcohols, soapy solutions and hydro-alcoholic liquids
  • Washable up to 60 degrees
  • Hypoallergenic and free of heavy metals and bisphenol A
  • Food contact


To help individual users and small companies to purchase the Ear saver, Quasar is opening a new online sales channel for this product.

For any questions or queries please contact Quasar team, we’ll be glad to assist you.